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Brain Food Tea

The long list of herbal teas that are available includes herbs that address a long line of medical issues. For the most part, tea is said to have antioxidants that work to clean out the body’s systems. But some teas have specific functions that people like to take advantage of. Peppermint tea has been said to smooth out digestion and help create softer skin. Periwinkle herb tea has often been referred to as brain food tea because it seems to have several positive effects on the brain. When you try periwinkle, you will realize that it is used more for its positive effects than its taste.

The actual taste of periwinkle herb tea is not terrible. But when people drink it on a regular basis, they do so because it helps to improve blood flow to the brain. Another advantage of periwinkle is that it is caffeine free, which means you can drink it all you want and not worry about jitters or other potential side effects. It also comes in a variety of colors and flavors which helps to add some variety to the tea. Some people like the lighter colored leaves while others prefer the more bitter dark leaves. For the most part, the effects are the same regardless of what color you drink.

One of the key components of periwinkle herb tea that make it so potent is a material known as vinpocetine. In basic terms, this is a nutrient that helps to improve the flow of oxygen and glucose to the brain through the blood stream. People drink this tea to help sharpen their minds and improve their memories. They also drink it to help maintain peak brain function efficiency at all times. It can help you to focus and be more productive at work and make better decisions in your personal life.

Because of the effect it has on improving memory and its general benefits to brain health, it has been said that periwinkle herb tea can help slow the onset of conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. It does this by maintain good health for the blood vessels in the brain and encouraging the flow of blood in and out of the brain. The cumulative effects of periwinkle have earned it the title of brain food tea. Once you get used to the taste, you will thank yourself for starting a regimen of nature’s memory enhancer.

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